Domain Name Consulting is an industry leading domain name consulting firm specializing in the representation and acquisition of premium domain names. offers you a diverse range of premium domain names such as one, two and three-word, brandable names and phrases, acronyms, generics and keyword-rich names, suitable for a broad range of businesses and organisations, products and their services.

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About Us is an industry leading domain name consulting firm specializing in the representation and acquisition of premium domain names. The consulting team has assisted companies globally secure domain names, websites and other digital intellectual property.

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  • Q. How to Use Brandable Domain Names in Your Marketing Strategy?

    Brandable domains are particularly effective at distinguishing your business, especially when they contain keywords that are relevant to you industry. Businesses that are serious about building a strong brand foundation should seek out a brandable and keyword-focused domain name.

    Brandable Domains
    There are typically two angles to consider in a domain name - catchy, creative domains can launch a memorable brand, but including keywords in a domain can make it descriptive at a glance.,,, and are just a few examples of Alexa Top 1000 keyword-based domains, but creative domains like and are obvious examples of custom domains with incredible brand strength.

    Existing Businesses
    If your business already exists then you will want to try to incorporate your current branding into your new domain name. This carries your branding efforts over to your website and is a fantastic way to build your credibility as a brand and expand your sales to the internet marketplace.

  • Q. Choosing Perfect Domain?

    Selecting the perfect domain name for your new website is one of the most critical steps to build a successful internet presence. The domain you choose will serve as a key tool to build a recognizable and profitable brand.

    Choose a domain name that reflects the same level of care and research that you would put into the name and iidentity of your business.

  • Q.100 Oldest Domain Names

     Rank Registration Date Domain Name
     1 March 15, 1985
     2 April 24, 1985
     3 May 24, 1985
     4 July 11, 1985
     5 September 30, 1985
     6 November 7, 1985
     7 January 9, 1986
     8 January 17, 1986
     9 March 3, 1986
     10 March 5, 1986
     11 March 19, 1986
     12 March 19, 1986
     13 March 25, 1986
     14 March 25, 1986
     15 April 25, 1986
     16 May 8, 1986
     17 May 8, 1986
     18 July 10, 1986
     19 July 10, 1986
     20 August 5, 1986
     21 August 5, 1986
     22 August 5, 1986
     23 August 5, 1986
     24 August 5, 1986
     25 August 5, 1986
     26 September 2, 1986
     27 September 18, 1986
     28 September 29, 1986
     29 October 18, 1986
     30 October 27, 1986
     31 October 27, 1986
     32 October 27, 1986
     33 October 27, 1986
     34 October 27, 1986
     35 October 27, 1986
     36 October 27, 1986
     37 October 27, 1986
     38 October 27, 1986
     39 October 27, 1986
     40 November 5, 1986
     41 November 5, 1986
     42 November 17, 1986
     43 November 17, 1986
     44 November 17, 1986
     45 November 17, 1986 Data
     46 November 17, 1986
     47 November 17, 1986
     48 November 17, 1986
     49 December 11, 1986
     50 December 11, 1986
     51 December 11, 1986
     52 December 11, 1986
     53 December 11, 1986
     54 December 11, 1986
     55 December 11, 1986
     56 December 11, 1986
     57 December 11, 1986
     58 December 11, 1986
     59 December 11, 1986
     60 December 11, 1986
     61 January 19, 1987
     62 January 19, 1987
     63 January 19, 1987
     64 February 19, 1987
     65 March 4, 1987
     66 March 4, 1987
     67 April 4, 1987
     68 April 23, 1987
     69 April 23, 1987
     70 April 23, 1987
     71 April 23, 1987
     72 April 30, 1987
     73 May 14, 1987
     74 May 14, 1987
     75 May 20, 1987
     76 May 27, 1987
     77 May 27, 1987
     78 June 26, 1987
     79 July 9, 1987
     80 July 13, 1987
     81 July 27, 1987
     82 July 27, 1987
     83 July 28, 1987
     84 August 18, 1987
     85 August 31, 1987
     86 September 3, 1987
     87 September 3, 1987
     88 September 3, 1987
     89 September 22, 1987
     90 September 22, 1987
     91 September 22, 1987
     92 September 22, 1987
     93 September 30, 1987
     94 October 14, 1987
     95 November 2, 1987
     96 November 9, 1987
     97 November 16, 1987
     98 November 16, 1987
     99 November 24, 1987
     100 November 30, 1987


Following is the procedure to handle payment and transfer.

Payment options:

  • Direct transaction. You make the payment directly to BuyerStreet. The payment can be in check, money order, or wire transfer.
  • Domain escrow. We can use the service at, or you can suggest other third party venues.

Domain transfer:

  • After the payment is cleared, the domain can be transferred to you in one of the following manners:
    • Account change: You need to apply for a free account. The name will be transferred into your account.
    • Direct transfer: you initiate the transfer from your favorite registrar and transfer the domain by yourself. We will unlock the domain and provide EPP code.

Highest Domain Sales of All Time

Below is a list of the largest published domain sales to date. Please note that this is a list of raw domains - which means the domains were not active websites or businesses at the time of sale. Basically, these sales are comparable to the sale of raw land.

Domain NameSale PriceBuyer$13,000,000 Clover Holdings Limited$11,000,000 GP LLC$9,999,950 Gentile, Philip$9,500,000 Moniker Privacy Services$8,500,000 Facebook, Inc.$7,500,000 ATTN DIAMOND.COM$7,000,000 Thought Convergence, LLC$5,500,000 Mansion Limited of Gibraltar$5,500,000 Bodog Media$5,100,000 DNS MASTER$5,000,000 Communications Co., Ltd$4,900,000 Domain Administrator$4,000,000$3,850,000$3,500,000 Hunt, Vince$3,300,000 Tomaszewski, William$3,200,000 Holdings Pty Limited$3,000,000 Bank of America$3,000,000 Greg Balestrieri$3,000,000 Russian Standard Co$2,900,000 Wilferd, Jacklyn$2,750,000 CCRD Operating Company, Inc.$2,605,000 National A-1 Advertising$2,600,000$2,500,000 Director of Investigation and Development Center$2,450,000 Fusion Media Limited$2,200,000 Incorporated$2,200,000 Hoover, Chuck$2,000,000 World Media Group, LLC$2,000,000 One Limited Parkway$2,000,000 Itani, Ayman$1,900,000 LLC$1,800,000 YouMu$1,800,000 CitiBank$1,750,000 Harlequin Holdings Limited$1,700,000 Real Estate Disposition, LLC$1,659,000 Carmitchel, Benjamin$1,600,000 Milton, Larry$1,525,000 Stromboli$1,500,000 ASA, Tandberg$1,500,000 Domains, Camera$1,500,000 Domain Discreet$1,500,000 Travelzoo Inc.$1,500,000 DeLegge, Peter$1,500,000 Private, Registration$1,400,000 Safenames Ltd$1,320,000 LLC$1,250,000 PHOTO.COM$1,250,000 Vistaprint$1,230,000 Idealab!$1,200,000 Generation Zero Group, Inc.$1,200,000 Ari Rabban$1,169,175 Daniel Kirchhof$1,100,000 Hewlett Packard Company$1,100,000 Flying Online, Inc.$1,100,000 Private, Registration$1,100,000 Devereux Mark$1,099,798 Victoria Travel Service Ltd$1,058,830$1,030,000 Marcus Kocak$1,020,000 FCI INC$1,015,000 Magner, Jim$1,000,000 CBS Registry$1,000,000$1,000,000 Markus Sonermo$1,000,000 NEWMAN, S.J$1,000,000 British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc$1,000,000 DomainName, Inc.$1,000,000 FTD.COM, INC.$1,000,000 McCormick, Clarice$1,000,000$1,000,000 World Media Group, LLC$1,000,000 Gianluca Zanna$1,000,000 c/o TOPIX.COM$975,000 NTT Com Global Hostmaster$957,937 Private$900,000 Domain Capital$851,875 Go Advertising Limited$850,000 L2Media, LLC$835,000 Jones, Christie$824,000 Wager, Paul$800,000 Innovation HQ, Inc.$800,000 Internet Marketing Solutions Limited$800,000 ATTN BEAUTY.COM$800,000 Microsprings Web Solutions$800,000 ATTN Domain Inquiries$800,000 Sys Administrator$800,000 TMP WORLDWIDE$789,600 Private, Registration$770,000 Private, Registration$750,000$750,000 New Century Management, Ltd.$750,000 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.$750,000$750,000,$725,000 STRATO AG Webhosting$725,000 Capital, Startive$717,978$706,000 Home-Account, Inc$700,000 Cat5 Commerce$700,000 MELBOURNE.COM$700,000$700,000 Digital Domains Limited$700,000 William Gluck$700,000 Veterans United home Loans$675,000 Cliford Services Limited$635,000 Moniker Privacy Services$625,060$625,000 Admin PrivateRegContact$616,000 Constantinos Roussos$600,000 Vince Harasymiak$600,000 NetArt Spolka Akcyjna$600,000 Private, Registration$600,000 Townsend, David$600,000 Quasar Enterprises$600,000 DNS Admin$590,949$579,900 Domain Account$570,000 Carlos Lagomarsino$550,000 Wolf, James$550,000$550,000 Private, Registration$530,000 Administrator, Domain$520,000 System Administrator$510,000 Hostmaster, Jerusalem$500,249$500,000 Private, Registration$500,000 John Berryhill Client Trust$500,000 Palek International Ltd$500,000$500,000 Domains, Parked$500,000 Davies, Brynley$500,000 Monster Worldwide, Inc.$500,000 Thomas, Keith$500,000 For domain leasing enquiries contact$500,000 Charlie Flock$500,000 Charlie Flock$500,000 Rules Holding$500,000$500,000 A to Z Networking Services$500,000 DNS ADMIN$500,000$500,000 Private$500,000 c/o BLUE.COM$500,000 Private, Registration$500,000$500,000 Freewebsite, LLC$500,000 Liberty Media Holdings$500,000 Dreyer David$500,000 Domains, Parked$500,000 National A-1$500,000 ATTN THEMORTGAGE.COM$500,000 Pawel Ciszewski$500,000 For domain leasing enquiries contact$480,000$477,630$475,000$470,000$460,000$460,000$454,500 Direct Privacy ID D7FE1, Direct Privacy LTD$450,000,$450,000 SPORTINGGOODS.COM$450,000 DNStination Inc$450,000 Greer, Nick$450,000 Domain Administrator$450,000$440,000$436,000$405,000 Randy Ward$401,500 Ivo Teel$400,000$400,000 Hight, Brendhan$400,000 Quidsi Inc$400,000$400,000 Mr Tom Dalrymple$400,000 Direct Privacy ID 76B75, Direct Privacy LTD$400,000$400,000$399,990 Capital, Startive$376,480$375,000$375,000 Domain Capital$370,000 Ralph Cristello$370,000$365,000 Christoph Merz$365,000$360,000 Private, Registration$360,000 Ryan McCleary$358,000$355,000 DN Investment Group$352,000 DataCenter LTD$350,000$350,000 Private, Registration$350,000 Gabby Investments$350,000 GREETING.COM$350,000 Moniker Privacy Services$350,000 Domain Admin$350,000, Inc.$343,208$335,000 Domain Capital$331,561 Moniker Privacy Services$329,509$329,420$325,000 Josh Sackman$325,000 FreedomRoads$325,000 Finlead AG$320,000$310,250$310,000 Wenjing$309,901$304,000 Restoration Hardware, Inc$303,182$302,790$300,000$300,000 Domain Capital$300,000$300,000 Admin, DNS$300,000$300,000 Chris Mettler$300,000 Group Legal Department$300,000 Ron Tan$300,000 Private, Registration$300,000 The Hearst Corporation$300,000 Inc, Intelius$300,000 Moniker Privacy Services$300,000 Domains, Parked$297,500 Stefan Tesoriero$295,000 Master, Host$294,200 XMAS.COM$285,250 Hooya Digital Ltd$285,000 ATTN SHOPPINGCART.COM$280,000$277,750 roger Parkin$275,000 Melbourne IT$275,000$275,000 Gleissner, Mike$270,600$270,000$266,000$260,000 Moniker Privacy Services$260,000$258,000$255,000 Hays, Boyd$252,500 Domain Capital$252,500 Private, Registration$250,000 Moniker Privacy Services$250,000 Moniker Privacy Services$250,000 Rainer Voortman$250,000 Gabriel, Ashley$250,000 Private, Registration$250,000$250,000 Robert Morrison$250,000 Moniker Privacy Services$250,000 Private$250,000 Ben Carter Properties$250,000 Julia Moore$250,000 Stefan Tesoriero$250,000 Private, Registration$250,000 Private, Registration$250,000 Stefan Tesoriero$249,000$247,921$245,000 Mike Gleissner$242,400 Moniker Privacy Services$241,200 Whois Agent$239,257$237,500 Domain Administrator$235,000$233,501$231,500$231,500, L.P.$230,000$230,000 Moniker Privacy Services$230,000$228,420 Latona, Rick$226,950 Whois Agent$225,000 ET.COM$225,000 Cyrus Broumand$225,000 Capital, Startive$225,000$225,000 KuwaitNET Internet Services$225,000 Admin, Nic$225,000 Domain, Administrator$225,000 Domain Capital$220,000$220,000 Okhai, Yusuf$215,000 Moniker Privacy Services$215,000 Moniker Privacy Services$215,000 Private, Registration$210,000$210,000 Domain, Administrator$210,000 DeSousa, Anthony$208,000 Wickhams Cay$206,906 Sam Marshall$205,890 dnInvest$201,750 Matt Wolf$201,600 Private, Registration$200,000 Domain Capital$200,000$200,000$200,000$200,000 Republic retail LTD$200,000 ATTN OV.COM$200,000 PERTH.COM$200,000 Privacy Protection$200,000 Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd$200,000$200,000$200,000 Rick Schwartz$200,000$200,000 Michael Wong$200,000 MLB Advanced Media, LP$200,000 ATTN BIRD.COM$200,000$200,000 Whois Agent$198,000 TheAmericanSociety of Mechanical Engineers$196,803$195,000 Domain Administrator$195,000 Andrew Wash$195,000 MCC.COM$195,000 Private, Registration$192,000$190,000 IT Help$190,000$189,930 Mike Gleissner$188,889 TJ Demas$188,889 T.J. Demas$187,500 Rut Grau Portell . (ento0017874)$186,000 Simon Saneback$186,000 VISIT FLORIDA$185,750$185,259 Moniker Privacy Services$185,000$185,000 Moniker Privacy Services$185,000 Blain Reinkensmeyer$185,000 DI S.A$181,042$181,000,$180,000 administration, domain$180,000 Private$180,000 Steve Schaffer$180,000 The Honest Company$178,889 T.J. Demas$177,600$176,505$175,000 Private, Registration$175,000$175,000 Wager, Paul$175,000 Demas, TJ$175,000 Jeremiah Johnson$175,000 Domain Capital$175,000 PriceYeti$173,682$171,600$171,250 HOTELDEALS.COM$170,000 RAINBOW.COM$170,000$170,000 WebCorp LLC$168,889 T.J. Demas$166,650 Keith Levenson$166,000$165,500$165,000$165,000$165,000 Jerry Skia$165,000 Domains, Parked$165,000$162,150$160,000 Bagchi, Kaushik$160,000 ATTN MODERN.COM$160,000$159,000 BOGOTA.COM$157,500 Sujit Naha$157,000 Doug Scott$155,000 Domain Administrator$155,000 Ltd$155,000$154,800 Capital, Genie$151,395 McIntosh, Will$151,300$151,000 Domain Manager$150,755 For domain leasing enquiries contact$150,349 Digital Domains Limited$150,000 Financial Red Network SL$150,000 Cesar Diaz$150,000 Internet Admin (not for sale)$150,000 Andrew Kimani$150,000 Whois Agent$150,000 Brendhan Hight$150,000 Private$150,000 FRENCH.COM$150,000 GOSPELMUSIC.COM$150,000 Gleissner, Mike$150,000 Adobe Systems Incorporated$150,000 CAMP.COM$150,000 ShaColby Jackson$150,000$150,000 Private, Registration$150,000 Moniker Privacy Services$150,000 Domain Capital$150,000 Kboing Network do Brasil$150,000 Private, Registration$150,000 Moniker Privacy Services$150,000 Private, Registration$150,000 Domain Capital$150,000 For domain leasing enquiries contact$150,000 Private, Registration$150,000 IHG LLC$150,000 Domain Capital$150,000$150,000 Domain Administrator$150,000 Private, Registration$150,000 Moniker Privacy Services$150,000 Internet Admin (not for sale)$150,000 Domain Administrator$150,000 Priyavrat Bhartia$150,000$148,350 Private$148,000$148,000 Dick van Doorn$147,000$146,000 Mark Davis$145,000 SILVER STATE MORTGAGE$145,000 Shangai Ule Trading$145,000 Gleissner, Mike$145,000 Mustafa Patel$144,900 Private$142,500$141,610 Corpex Internet GmbH$141,550$141,000$140,000,$140,000 Xin Fan$140,000 Private$138,000 Roland Bleyer$136,000$135,350 Whois Watchdog$135,000 Domains Admin$135,000$133,000$133,000,$131,400 McLoughlin, Andy$131,299 Jared Kopf$131,000 Andre Finzel$130,400 Giomani Designs LTD$130,000 Moniker Privacy Services$130,000 Chris Worden$130,000 Roman Mead$130,000 MATUREPORN.COM$130,000$130,000 Domain Capital$130,000 Moniker Privacy Services$130,000$129,800 Registration Private$129,720 Manguian Jean-Pierre$129,420$128,947$127,501 MAD CAT PTY LIMITED$127,400 Heineken International B.V.$126,270 Domain Manager$126,160 Abstract Holdings International Ltd.$125,581 The Honest Company$125,000 Monsanto Company$125,000,$125,000 Domain Capital$125,000 WEBMASTER, SVB$125,000 Domain Administrator$125,000 Joe Straface$125,000 Intercontinental Domain Inc$125,000 Whois Agent$125,000 Francis, Mitch$125,000 Beijing National Network Information$125,000 com fma$125,000 Domain Administrator$125,000 Moniker Privacy Services$125,000 Domain Admin$125,000 Ron Sheridan$125,000 LLC, Varsity Plaza$125,000 Domains, Smarter$125,000$125,000 Private$125,000 Alex Lerman$125,000 Operations, Intelius$124,975 Lin XiaoFeng$124,568 T.J. Demas$124,556 T.J. Demas$124,337$123,504 J. Phillips$123,000 VANCOUVER.COM$122,080 C. Roberts$122,000 Moniker Privacy Services$121,560$121,266 Domain Manager$120,930 Grau, Rut$120,107$120,000 Moniker Privacy Services$120,000 Cybertania$120,000$120,000 Domain Capital

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